Lies Of P Weapon Tier List (2023)

1. Best Lies of P weapons | PCGamesN

  • 5 days ago · Best Lies of P weapons · Salamander Dagger · Acidic Crystal Spear · Holy Sword of the Ark · Starter weapons.

  • The best Lies of P weapons range from a fiery dagger to an enormous greatsword, but every weapon in Pinocchio's arsenal is adequate at chopping down enemies.

2. The best Lies of P weapons and blade/hilt combos - GamesRadar

  • 5 days ago · Here's a list of the best weapons we've tried in Lies of P, with weapon combos forged from hilts and blades. Best Motivity weapons. Big Pipe ...

  • The best weapons to find and assemble in Lies of P

3. Lies of P (LOP): Top 5 Best Weapons - GameRiv

  • Exploding Pickaxe · Big Pipe Wrench · Live Puppet's Axe

  • Which one should you wield? Which one to cast fear on? Which one to slay? Find out the best weapons in Lies of P. In the dark realm of the Lies of P, danger is around every corner. The only advanta…

4. Weapons - Lies of P Guide - IGN

  • Seven-Coil Spring Sword. Type: Greatsword; Purchasable from Alidoro with Parade Leader's Ergo · Etiquette. Type: Dagger · Holy Sword of the Ark. Type: Greatsword ...

  • There are a large number of weapons available to discover, unlock, and purchase within Lies of P, each having unique stats, abilities, and visuals. But how

5. Lies of P best weapons - The Loadout

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  • Knowing what the Lies of P best weapons are is sure to help you on PS5, Xbox, and PC through Krat in this epic Soulslike full of tough fights.

6. Lies of P Weapons Guide | TechRaptor

  • 5 days ago · Our Lies of P Weapons Guide will go over how weapons work in the game, along with where to find each normal and special weapon.

  • Our Lies of P Weapons Guide will go over how weapons work in the game, along with where to find each normal and special weapon.

7. Weapons | Lies of P Wiki

  • In Lies of P, weapons are found as a single gear such as sabers, swords, knives, and even heavy, blunt weapons such as a hammer, each weapon you discover ...

  • Weapons Guide for Lies of P: All Weapons, Complete List of Blades and Handles, Weapon Stats, Effects, Prerequisites, and other Tips for Lies of P.

8. Best Early Game Weapons & Their Location In Lies Of P - Ginx TV

  • 2 days ago · Tips: The truly exceptional weapons in Lies of P are the boss weapons you can get by exchanging Rare Boss Ergo. Also, there are some more normal ...

  • This guide shares some of the best early game weapons you can use in Lies of P.

9. Lies of P: All weapon locations - AltChar

  • 5 days ago · Lies of P: All weapon locations · Puppet's Saber, Wintry Rapier, and Greatsword of Fate · Electric Coil Stick · Krat Police Baton · Booster Glaive.

  • Lies of P boasts an extensive array of diverse weapons you can use and even combine with each other. In this guide, we provide a comprehensive list of all the weapons featured in the game and their respective locations.

10. All Lies of P Weapons And Types | GINX Esports TV

  • Sep 8, 2023 · How Many Weapons Are in Lies of P? · Puppet's Saber Handle · Wintry Rapier's Handle · Greatsword of Fate Handle · Electric Coil Stick Handle · Krat ...

  • Discover the extent of the power at your fingertips as we break down how many weapons there are in Lies of P.

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